Barefoot by the Sea: Super Easy Halloween DIY

Monday, October 12, 2015

Super Easy Halloween DIY

I love that Halloween can be as spooky and fun as you want it.  Some people go crazy with their decorating.  Others are a bit more subtle.  You can get some beautiful and frightening deocrations at Pottery Barn or keep it Dollar Store easy.  It's really up to you.  Even if you don't have tons of cash to spend this holiday, you can still have loads of fun. 

Everything here was really inexpensive.  All the supplies were bought at Michael's, for under $5! I purchased 3 bottles and 2 flat black candles for .49 cents each, two picture frames for $1 and some black and white ribbon.  
To make some creepy ghost like pictures, I took some black and white shots on my Iphone and printed them out on paper, cut them out and stuck them in these vintage inspired frames.  The girls got a kick out of making scary or zombie like faces.  
In the end, these were simply, spooky and economical!  
Happy Haunting! 


  1. They are too cute to be creepy zombies!! I love this!

  2. Awesome deals and such a fun idea. I bet the girls really enjoyed this.

    1. It was a fun and silly way to get into the Halloween mode!

  3. Ha, that is a great idea. I do agree with Heather, too cute to be zombies. :-))

  4. As always... I am jealous of your creativity! To be able to make a Halloween setting out of such cute faces is brilliant!


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