Barefoot by the Sea: Halloween Wrap Up!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween Wrap Up!

As I've mentioned, I'm clearing my camera and remembering a little more about our October and Halloween festivities this year.  It was a fun one!  Our girls went trick or treating on Friday, which meant plenty of time to celebrate on Saturday with a few friends.  Here are some of the treats they enjoyed...

Veggies and Hummus, complete with witches fingers...
Silly Pumpkin Faced Clementines...
Newman's Own Organics "Eyeballs"
Brownies, plain and simple! 
Now onto our November festivities! Hope you guys have a great weekend!  Seeing that it's November 6th (WHAT!) I better start focusing on NOVEMBER!!!


  1. Hi Jessica,
    Well done, a great bunch of snacks and perfect Halloween fun. :-)
    I like the witch fingers.

  2. What a fantastic spread of goodies! Love the eyeballs :)

  3. Love those witches fingers!!! All of the food looked yummy and festive! November is flying by already. I can't keep up!

    1. I know! How can Thanksgiving be next week? It doesn't seem possible!


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