Barefoot by the Sea: Target = Danger

Monday, November 16, 2015

Target = Danger

Can we just talk for a minute about my trip to Target last week? Let me start off by saying I'm definitely a Target shopper, I can rarely step out of that store without dropping $50. I love their clearance section, and the fact that they carry different brands that I can't get at my normal grocery store is definitely a plus! Last week, I ran in to grab a couple things and was stopped dead in my tracks when I came upon their new and updated Dollar-spot. 
They just put out their Christmas Decor and I'm telling you guys, it's pretty amazing this year! Full of Advent calendars, decorations and stocking stuffers, I also love the fact that they seem to have an entire section devoted to baked goods and treats. I'm always on the hunt to find containers for our holiday treats and gifts but they can be expensive. These were not only reasonably priced, they're also are cute! 

They seem to be adding more $3 finds i'm okay with that, I mean where else can you get an adorable cake stand for three bucks? 
Of course when I got deeper into the store was where the real trouble occurred. I'm loving the whimsical, vintage inspired Threshold items and the Smith and Hawkin things are always a fave. I just have to wrap my head around it all - because there's a lot of good stuff this year! 
I leave you with this: yes, it's still mid November but NOW is the time to grab the things you love most. Your favorite items will likely be gone before you know it! And in general, if you are on a strict budget this year (I hear ya) maybe best to avoid the place all together! It's my weak spot! 


  1. Haha! I love your post title and I totally agree! I was there last week also drooling over the cute Christmas stuff but I restrained myself somehow!

    1. I haven't bought much but it calls to me! I'm afraid I can't last too much longer before I head back!

  2. Ha, I guess that is one thing of living in the sticks. Our Target is an hour away. :-) So I do not always get to visit Target.
    I love what you shared.

    1. I remember when we lived in Maine, our closest Target was an hour away, my pocketbook was better off!

  3. I'm the same as Carla, Target is so far away. BUT, when I lived in cities, Target was my go to destination... I do miss it!
    I am on the hunt for my very specific turkey this Thursday, and odds are I will be near Target. Guess what you have me inspired to do??? Lol! Thanks Jess!


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