Barefoot by the Sea: A Case of the Mondays!

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Case of the Mondays!

Do you remember when Garfield was all the rage in the 80's?  Okay, I'm completely dating myself here but I remember when one of his signature phrases was, "I hate Mondays".  Now, I don't always hate Mondays but as we ever so slowly get back into the routine of the day in, day out, I'll admit it's a struggle.  Getting back into the swing is a process, a journey, right?  I'm going with that, it helps me adjust back to it all.  The routine, the homework, the lack of time and the LACK OF SLEEP!  
Every night I'm telling myself I need to go to bed earlier but there's always something that prevents this from happening.  Good show, good conversation or getting sucked into one social media outlet or another.  The thing is, it's all a choice I make.  If I choose to stay up, then I'll pay the price in the morning. So there really is nobody to blame but myself!  So with that, and another morning where I don't have a blog post ready to go, I want to apologize that I'm still getting my feet back under myself.  I have good intentions but I need to take ownership and responsibility.  The choices we make are our own! 
So with that, I'm choosing to go to bed earlier, starting tonight and the hope is that the days will be more productive when I'm less exhausted.  Simple equation, right?  It's healthier for my mind and body too.  

I hope your Monday is a little less like a MONDAY today my friends! That being said, I'm totally still feeling you today Garfield! 

On a side note, these flowers were purchased the week before Christmas at Trader Joes and they FINALLY bloomed!  These definitely make my days brighter! 


  1. Thank you for the lovely flowers today. I needed them!!
    We have some decisions to make ... they are not easy ones ... they make me and my husband stressed. So I do know what you mean. It seem when we are worried, not enough sleep, stress and so on ,yes, we are too exhausted to think.

  2. Love the flowers. I'm feeling the same way, I keep telling myself to get to bed earlier too. I can't seem to get back to blogging and focus on it!

  3. Beautiful blooms!

    We spent the weekend away from home, and I was kicking myself all night last night, saying we shouldn't have gone. I'm so far behind on everything now, and sooo tired because you just never sleep as good when you are away.
    But, the time was well spent with dear family, so I just have to be grateful we were able to do that, and maybe get to bed early tonight? Lol...

    It is all choices, and making the best choices you can!

    1. I hear you! It's tough to be away and then retun to a pile of work. Can we ever win? ;) still, nice to connect with friends and family!

  4. I totally understand. I say the same thing and always fail to get myself to bed. The times that I do I wake up refreshed and I get a lot more accomplished. I hope your Monday went well, it's hump day now!


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