Barefoot by the Sea: The Greenhouse

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Greenhouse

The greenhouse has been a source of smiles for several years.  We always make our first trip in February, when the days are usually colder and snowy.  This year, we were lucky to have milder temperatures but it still was a nice escape.  They always do new things and this year did not disappoint.  There's just something about the smell of a greenhouse that's invigorating and wonderful!
The girls each picked out a plant for their rooms.  Syd chose a little cactus and named it "baby banana".  It makes her smile and she feels proud to take care of her little plant. It's safe to say we will be visiting again soon! 
Who else is ready for gardening season? 


  1. How adorable! This sounds like a fun trip to get excited for the growing season. I'm starting to think about the garden!!

  2. I love that she named her cactus. :-)) I have two cactus plants. They are some of my favorite.
    I am dreaming of gardening. :-))

  3. I thought this looked familiar. I think it's because I remember when you went last time. It looks so enchanting. Very cool

  4. What a sweet pic of your girl and her Baby Banana!
    Is this the place that had the Fairy Gardens?
    I am soooo excited for gardening season. We are starting seeds indoors this year.... Wish us luck!

    1. That's exciting! Can't wait to see the progress!


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