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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Blogging These Days...

Not sure what's happening lately. I'm here but not HERE.  I do love blogging but I've talked from time to time about wanting to make sure it wasn't all just "fluff". This week, I feel like we are getting back into a routine after our crazy theater commitments which just FINALLY wrapped up after the cast party Saturday. Next week is school vacation. There's a good chance I'll be blogging less so I'm taking a little break here and there but I'm still reading and thinking of new ideas and how to get that MOJO back from a blogging perspective.  Still, I felt like I should check in and give some sort of explanation as to why I'm not present. Then I realized, not like I'm THAT important but still, I do miss my friends on here so I figured I'd check in, although brief!
 Tomorrow I'm hoping to be back with a little more.  For now, I hope you are having a fulfilling day.  I miss the sun - it's a rainy one here on the East Coast today but I am looking forward to a sunny, 70 degree day SOON! 


  1. We're having gorgeous sunny days! I hope they come your way!! I feel the same way sometimes. It's good to take a step back and want to come back to it (for me at least!). Enjoy your school break!!

    1. Thanks Heather! Excited to see 70 degrees tomorrow!

  2. Hoping sunny skies are coming your way!!
    A little bit of sunshine can be so refreshing and energizing :)

  3. Breaks are a wonderful thing! My Mister has been on vacation last week and doesn't go back to work till the 25th - and it has been nice to just, well, "be" on vacation as well! I'm not getting a whole lot of anything done, but have been reading and enjoying having an A/C with out 80 degree weather, ha!

  4. You have to give your attention to what energizes you...right? Good for you for knowing when to step back and just live life. :)

  5. You are important! You know I've been going through a lull, mostly trying to trouble shoot what is wrong with my website and my husband is gone this weekend so it' not going to change this week. Hang in there. pleasant weather is on the way.


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