Barefoot by the Sea: Fruity Iced Tea

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fruity Iced Tea

I love a great cup of coffee. There are nights that I am almost giddy just thinking about that morning cup. Recently, I've started drinking a bit more tea, specifically iced tea. Refreshing as the weather warms up, and a great alternative to iced coffee. I had forgotten how delicious iced tea could be! So, I've been brewing some a couple times a week, pouring it into mason jars and having an afternoon glass.

Recently, I've been experimenting a bit more with fruity iced tea. My favorite of the moment? Tazo's Passion with added sliced lemon and mint. So good and refreshing, a great pick me up mid day too without caffeine! My girls really love this too and sometimes I'll add a splash of lemonade for sweetness and a few strawberries or berries. It makes a delicious and beautiful glass!

Do you drink fruity iced tea? I'm all ears and ready for inspiration! Have a great Wednesday my friends...we are in "countdown mode" to and in the very last days of school!  Exciting times! 


  1. I love iced tea! But, I am more of a black tea gal - need that caffeine! I do put lemon in my tea sometimes though, which is always delicious!

  2. I love the Tazo passion tea! You're making me crave a tall glass of cold iced tea right now!!

  3. I am so prone to getting stuck in ruts, and if I make tea it is only Southern Sweet Tea. But, I try not to drink much because of all the sugar. Time to follow your lead and make some fruity tea, then I can enjoy it too :)

  4. I love tea. Stash makes a great line of Ice Tea's. Peach is my favorite. I just placed an order with Stash on the weekend. My new bunch of tea will be here Thursday. :-)

  5. Fruity iced tea is the only kind of tea I drink. I am a big fan of Tazo Passion tea, and I even like mixed with lemonade! Yum.


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