Barefoot by the Sea: Clearing the Camera: Late Summer Edition

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Clearing the Camera: Late Summer Edition

Clearing the camera and sharing what we've been up to these last few weeks. We are getting the last of the Summer love in!  Our "Summer Bucket List" items are pretty much complete, we've done all that we set out to do when school let out way back on June 21st and if I'm being completely honest, it doesn't feel like it was that long ago!  Still, it is time to go back. So many of you are already back at it and a few around here start back up right after Labor Day. We start Wednesday so I thought it was only fitting to clear the camera and share a few late Summer pictures.  

We took a trip to a local farm. We have A LOT of farm favs around here. This was one we used to visit all the time when Sydney was a baby and Riley was four. It's beautiful and so peaceful, we love it! 
We finally caught our local outdoor play, Beauty and The Beast. The girls loved it and it was a beautiful Summer evening. Glad we got it in! We feel lucky to be so close to our local community and enjoy these treats. 
We also roamed around downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The little park of fountains is so cool at night. 
We managed to squeeze in blueberry picking! I thought for sure we had fun out of time but we were lucky enough to still catch it!  I'm so glad we made it!  We will appreciate it in the Winter when I can make fresh blueberry muffins!  
We also took some pretty photos of their sunflower patch. 
We've eaten A LOT of fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic. I a lot of variations. I have to say, on top of a slice of crusty bread is my favorite! 
It's always a little sad to me when the kids head back to school, a reminder that time doesn't stop. The days are getting shorter, the Summer warmth will still be just a memory yet, I can be happy and content that we have lived and enjoyed a wonderful Summer.  Laughs and memories made with our family are such a blessing! 


  1. Looks like you did squeeze every last sweet drop of summer out! Those tomato basil toasts look yum! I've been looking for a field (or patch) of sunflowers. Most kids around here start back to school this week. We have one more week of summer. :(

  2. We are doing the same. Squeezing in all that we can. I went for a fun bike ride with my boys Sunday. My husband was volunteering at an all day function. The boys and I took a bike ride to where the milkweed grow in a field not far from our house. We found Monarch caterpillars, it was perfect.
    xx oo

  3. What a great summer! Your pictures are wonderful! Following your photo's here and on instagram have been a wonderful virtual trip and helping me know that we need to travel to your part of the world. It will have to be when we get a summer vacation instead of our normal winter get away :)

    1. I feel the same way about your part of the country! It's beautiful!

  4. so wonderful to see those snapshots of your summer! I meant to take Lila blueberry picking this summer, but it didn't quite happen. We did go strawberry picking though. Love those sunflowers!

  5. What a blessed time. It looks so beautiful!


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