Barefoot by the Sea: Watermelon Tye Dye Beach Towels DIY

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Watermelon Tye Dye Beach Towels DIY

We tried out this craft I had seen on Pinterest a few weeks ago with a friend. It was messy, but fun and *relatively* easy. I should say, easier than I expected. Just make sure you've got good rubber gloves before attempting Tye Dye. I think that probably goes without saying.

  • We used Rit Liquid Dye and grabbed a bottle of vinegar, I've found the dye adheres to fabric quicker and easier if I add vinegar to it. 
  • First, we prepared our "craft area" We had two different bins, one for the red dye and one for the green. We did this outside on our driveway, thinking that was the safest place to this. I also had trash bags handy for transporting the towels.
  • We mixed our red dye in one bin and the green in the other. The girls placed their towels in the red first, and put about 1/2 the towel in this part. Once the dye had set, we carefully rung out the towel (this is tricky because you don't want to get it on the white of the towel). 
  • Then, leaving a space for the white of the watermelon, we put the towels in the green dye to serve as our watermelon rind. Again, once that dye had done it's magic, we squeezed out the excess dye. This part was MESSY! We did this outside and then let them air dry outside after thoroughly rinsing with water. This was the part when I didn't think the towel would work out. You can see where the red turned the white portion pinkish but after tossing them (ALONE) in the wash and drying them, the end result was pretty successful. 
  • The girls took a Sharpie and drew in the watermelon seeds.  

It was a fun craft. We usually do some sort of tye dye project every Summer. This was a fun way to mix it up!


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