Barefoot by the Sea: Wednesday Classical Hodgepodge: Just in Time!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday Classical Hodgepodge: Just in Time!

Hello, it is Wednesday and it is time for the Hodgepodge.
Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.

1. What's changed in your life, home, or community since your last birthday? Our city started building a new high school which is very exciting for the area. The goal is a state of the art facility that will offer more for our youth. These things take time, but I'm hoping my kiddos benefit from it! 

2. September is Classical Music Month. Do you like/listen to classical music? If so what's a favorite piece and/or who is a favorite composer?  I do like Classical Music but don't have a favorite composer. There's nothing better than a lazy day, listening to peaceful music and diffusing some essential oils. Can you feel my zen ;)?

3. Besides The Bible, what's a book that has positively changed your life, relationships, career, or perspective? How so?  The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being PResent to the Life You Have by Mark Nepo This was a life changer for me, offering a daily reflection to encourage growth, perspective and happiness. 

4. I read (here) these ten hobbies will make you a musical instrument, read voraciously, meditate regularly, work out your brain (puzzles, sudoku, board games, etc), exercise often, learn a new language, write your feelings down (blog, journal, just write), travel to new places, cook different kinds of meals, participate in sports actively.

Are any on this list your current hobbies? Which hobby on the list would you be most inclined to try? I exercise pretty much daily, try to blog often, love to travel and cook different kinds of meals. If I could pick one to concentrate on more? Having the time and means to TRAVEL with my family! 

5. What sports traditions does your family have? We aren't a huge sports family but we do love a good game of badminton in the summer! I'd also love to catch a Red Sox game because, well, it's Fenway and I do enjoy with the Patriots (I know, you love them or hate them) have a good game - and well, good food to celebrate the Superbowl, so we always watch that! 

6. In a few words, weigh in on the current football/National Anthem brouhaha. Keep it family friendly please.  I think we should respect our National Anthem, what it means to live in a free country and have the benefits and rights that so many others don't. Sports are a national pastime, our children look up to those players. I feel like it's our duty to be respectful adults! 

7. Where do you have loads of patience, and where do you most lack patience?  Loads of patience...hmmmm? Let me get back to you there. I have a lack of patience for ignorance and bigotry.

8. Insert your own random thought here. “Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple.” ― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


  1. I love your random. :-)
    The book you mention sounds interesting...I will have to check it out.

    1. It's a good one, the writer is a cancer survivor and has a realistic, positive outlook on life. I loved it!

  2. I love that random thought! Perfect!! I also need to check out that book you mentioned.I'm with you on the patience!

  3. So, if "working out your brain" makes you smarter, and knitting patterns make me wrap my head around them.... xD This means knitting makes me smarter, right?! xD
    We don't do sports either. We don't really understand the fuss, nor are we the athletic types. Our families, however, are a bit insane. The Mister's mom likes the Seahawks, and my mom likes the 49'ers, and I'm not looking forward to the crap they'll give each other over the next coming months (all in good sport, of course)!

  4. I will have to look for that book. We are trying to unplug more, and get to the library more often! I'm with you on both sides of the patience scale :)

  5. This was so fun! I got to learn a lot more about you. I wish I did everything on #4, but I have always wanted to play a musical instrument and never really learned to play anything (at least not very well).

  6. So glad you joined in this week. I'm a little slow getting around to reading answers, but it was fun to read yours. Autumn rolls in and feels a lot like summer here in SC, but the sky is changing and even the leaves. The air and light feel different and I know fall is on the way. Have a great day!


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