Barefoot by the Sea: National Geographic Feature and Giveaway #momsmeet #ad #NGkids #holidaygifts

Friday, November 18, 2016

National Geographic Feature and Giveaway #momsmeet #ad #NGkids #holidaygifts

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We've loved National Geographic Kids for years. Their books and magazines encourage kids to think, introduce new ideas and topics and captivate them. From an early age, my children have absolutely loved animals which was why we were initially drawn to the magazine. As time went on, we discovered their thought-provoking books that encouraged us to think, question and learn. I think National Geographic products make a wonderful holiday gift! This season, they have two new books to add to their collection, The Book of Heroes and The Book of Heroines!
My kids love these books, full of information about all sorts of heroic men and women, they were captivating, interesting and page turners! Both of my girls, ages 8 and 12 found plenty of stories and articles to read! I love that they're reading about heroes instead of celebrities. In this challenging world, it's wonderful to have heroes that inspire and motivate our children! My youngest loved reading more about Jane Goodall, someone she'd never heard of before. 
A little more about The Book of Heroes and The Book of Heroines:
• Discover the true stories of superstars, war heroes, world leaders, peacemakers, and other gutsy gals who changed the world in The Book of Heroines. 
• The Book of Heroines highlights heroes such as Mother Teresa, Marie Curie, Misty Copeland, Tina Fey, and Emma Watson. 
• Discover the true stories of superheroes, rebels, world leaders, action heroes, sports legends, and many more daring dudes in The Book of Heroes. 
• The Book of Heroes highlights heroes like Galileo, Sitting Bull, Michael Jordan, and Stephen Hawking. 
• Although the word “hero” has many meanings and many people can be called heroes in real life or fiction, in these books, heroes tend to share stupendous qualities!
•The Book of Heroes is available for purchase here
•The Book of Heroines is available for purchase here

I'm excited to tell you that one lucky Barefoot by the Sea reader will receive a set of these HERO book from National Geographic Kids! To enter, simply enter via the Rafflecopter below. The winner will be selected on 12/1/16 and shipped directly from Moms Meet for National Geographic Kids. 

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While you're waiting for the giveaway to end, be sure to connect with National Geographic to be "in the know" and get their exclusive discounts and special offers. Follow them on FacebookTwitter and online here
This holiday season, why not encourage our children to learn about the heroes and heroines of our past, present and future? Why not give the gift of a book from National Geographic Kids? 


  1. My kids are getting a kindle fire so they can read and read and read.

  2. I follow on Pinterest

  3. I am not sure what my favorite gift I am giving is yet because I have not started shopping!

  4. I think my favorite gifts to give are some candles I made myself.

  5. Books are my favorite gifts to give.

  6. These sound like great books for young readers. I loved the magazine when my kids were younger. I didn't even know about the books!

  7. Stuffed animals will be the favorite gift that I give.

  8. My boys enjoyed this magazine when they were younger. We also got interested in it because of my boys love for animals. They still enjoy looking at it when we visit the library. ;-)
    Great ideas, Jess!

  9. My favorite gift that I am giving this year is a toy lights and sound vacuum for my grand daughter she tries to help all the time.


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