Barefoot by the Sea: American Girl Doll Feature #holidaygiftguide #2016 #dolls #gifts

Monday, December 12, 2016

American Girl Doll Feature #holidaygiftguide #2016 #dolls #gifts

What consistently tops girl's Christmas lists? American Girl. Are you familiar with the brand?  I'm sure most of you are but let me tell you a little why I initially became intrigued by this brand.  So many dolls are targeted for ages 5 and under.  American Girl offers a variety of dolls and accessories for children of all ages, their business is devoted to little and bigger girls, ages 3 to 12.   American Girl encourages girls to dream, grow, aspire and create.  They offer a wide variety of insightful and engaging books that are full of educational and historical information as well!  

This year, they introduced Mega Blocks American Girl, perfect for those who love to build! Isabelle's Ballet Recital is a great choice for those who love to dance, love dolls, enjoy creative opportunities. Full of detail and includes an exclusive storybook, it's no wonder that this is what so many girls are wishing for this year.
American Girl offers a variety of dolls including their BeForever dolls including historical characters from 1764 through 1974 (my era), babies, twins, their girl of the year and look alike dolls.  They are made with quality and care.  You can shop by browsing their website and also check out their gift guide to assist you with selecting the perfect friend.  In addition to the dolls, their pets and accessories; American Girl offers a variety of books that include crafts, stories and advice for growing girls.  We also subscribe to the American Girl Magazine, which Riley loves and looks forward to receiving.  The magazine includes recipes, advice, crafts and inspirational quotes and fiction to help a girl navigate through life.  
They also have matching Dolly and Girl Sets, new for the holidays!  These nightgowns are beautiful and dreamy - a set that will make her smile on Christmas morning! 

Don't forget the American Girl Doll Lea, Doll of the Year!  Only available until Dec 31st!  You can check out Lea and her accessories here.
Shop now by visiting American Girl here or like their Facebook page here to learn about promotions, new products and store openings.  

American Girl is offering FREE SHIPPING* on orders over $50—
Good through Dec. 14. Enter FS12914 at checkout!!! HURRY! You're almost out of time!
Hope you have a wonderful Monday! We had our very first snowstorm of the season and are digging out a bit! Hope you're warm and cozy today! 


  1. No little girls in my life anymore. Maybe a great-grand one of these days.

  2. Both of my girls were BIG fans! I miss going to the AG Store in NY and having lunch in the cafe!!

  3. When the boys were little we watched all the AG movies together. We loved them!! I think they are so well done. My favorite was Kit. :-)
    Have a good rest of the week,Jess!! A busy one for me.
    Love Ya!

    1. We love the movies - good messages and role models!


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