Barefoot by the Sea: Ice Castles Feature and COUPON!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Ice Castles Feature and COUPON!

Closing out the holiday gift guide today! First up a magical destination the whole family will enjoy! I think tickets to the ICE CASTLES would be a greatly appreciated gift! 

Have any of you seen photos or been lucky enough to check out the magic of Ice Castles? I first learned of them a couple of years ago, after watching one of the many Frozen videos on YouTube. A little girl was singing in the most magical, amazing place. I assumed it was filmed in the Arctic and was pretty amazed when I found out it was found right here in the USA!  Ice Castles has four locations: Utah, Minnesota, Vermont and New Hampshire!  Each location features an Ice Castle with a unique design that changes every year, since they have to be created every year.  It makes for the most amazing and magical experience you can imagine!

The Ice Castles come from the artistic genius of Brent Christiensen, an artist and father who took his love of the outdoors and created magical spaces in his own backyard before realizing he could turn it into much more! Over the years, Brent added three more locations in addition to their first, located in Colorado.  “Ice Castles are one of the most unique and beautiful places on earth,” said Christensen. “What’s really special is that every visitor gets a distinctive experience since the ice is constantly melting, freezing and being reshaped. It’s a continuously evolving and very interactive experience.” Truly a magical sight and experience, these pictures speak for themselves!  See beautiful photos and videos or learn more at Ice Castles or on Instragram

The most magical thing about the Ice Castles is that you are able to see them ONLY in the winter since they are nature made! This definitely would be a wonderful winter destination and event for the whole family!  Tickets can be purchased on their site.

If you're interested in grabbing some tickets to this year's Ice Castles, RUN to get tickets for half off, today only! You can check out the deal here. Please note, there's a limited amount of these tickets available, when they're gone, they're gone! Please note, this is for their Lincoln, NH location ONLY. 

Please be sure to visit Ice Castles website here prior to visiting,  All dates are weather dependent and they may change.  Please check their website for updates and more information.


  1. In Orlando, they do ICE every year at Gaylord Palms. We've been once and were very impressed. Thanks for sharing Ice Castles!

  2. Last year, I learned of Ice Castles and their Minnesota location from you! I would love to go see them if we can get a weekend away!

    1. I just found out they are having a Wisconsin location this year!!


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