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Friday, September 1, 2017

Infused Water - So Good!

I've been trying to drink more water these days and get a bit healthier. I tend to eat more salads and lighter food this time of year but still, I'm feeling like I need to get back on track again. The lunch salads don't always counteract s'mores and all those yummy cookout side dishes. When a new school year rolls around it's time to get into a routine again! One thing I used to do all the time was make infused water. 

So here's a little history. I used to be a HUGE Diet Pepsi drinker. My Mom drank it growing up, I drank it all throughout college and beyond. After I had kids, I cut back and a few years ago I gave it up completely. It felt ridiculous that I was explaining to my kids all the time how it was bad for you only to consume it myself. I wanted to be a more authentic person. Anyway, I cut back to water, coffee, tea and seltzer on occasion. It definitely helps to have "grab and go" water ready and its a little something tasty and different. My kids love it too. I usually make it fresh in the morning and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. The flavor really comes through. 

Here are some great combos:
Cucumber Lemon
Cucumber Mint
Lavender Lemon
Watermelon Basil
Blueberry Orange
Strawberry Mint
Strawberry Citrus

I know this isn't reinventing the wheel here but sometimes you forget about these habits so I'm here to share that I've been reminded! On a side note, that little cuppow lid is ah-maz-ing! It screws right onto your jars so sipping is portable and easier! LOVE it!

Happy Weekend Friends! Here's to a new month...SEPTEMBER! 
*please note, this is NOT a sponsored post! I just love cuppow! 


  1. Hi,
    We are infused water peeps here too. Right now we have raspberry lemon going in the fridge.

  2. I'm finally getting back to visiting blogs and hopefully back to my blog next week. These infused waters all sound yummy. I do enjoy them at a hotel but I hardly ever make them for myself at home. I don't buy diet soda any more either, it's just an occasional "treat" when we're out. I hope the first week of school went smoothly!!

    1. I always forget too! The first few days went well! I know Izzy is this week - wishing her tons of fun her senior year!

  3. I was a Diet Coke addict, and it's hard to imagine even having a sip of that today!
    Blueberry Orange sounds like a tasty combo!

    1. I agree! I made strawberry lime for today - it's definitely helping me drink more!

  4. You are the second reminder I've gotten this morning to drink more water and I need to hear it! These combinations look so tasty.

  5. I've done simple infused water with just lemon or cucumber and I love your combinations here. I will definitely be trying some of your suggestions and thanks for sharing about the Cuppow! I'm excited to order one, what a cool gadget :)


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