Barefoot by the Sea: The Dunkin Mobile

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Dunkin Mobile

It looks innocent enough - from the outside.  The large, orange plastic, kid-mobile that was invented to help busy Moms entertain their children during a trip to the grocery store.

It all started off like any other shopping trip but then I spotted it and hoped nobody else would.  But, of course they did.  They begged to get inside it and I obliged.  This is the way I see that large, orange plastic, kid mobile:
  • A giant germ infested mess.  Half way through the first aisle Sydney started throwing out random tissues from the previous occupant.
  • I had to gain momentum every time I was set to round a corner or take a turn.  Those things are heavy!
  • I'm pretty sure I took out a couple little ladies cruising down the aisles.  Those things are huge!
  • I was able to drown out the lovely grocery store music with my squeaky wheels. Do they ever maintain these things?  I know, stupid question.
  • Dunkin Donuts must pump the smell of freshly baked goodies into the car to make them so enticing because seriously, once they spotted this thing, there was no turning back!
  • Sydney started hanging out of the passenger door around aisle 5 and may have grabbed a few loaves of bread off the shelves. 
There you have it.  The next time I agree to letting them inside I will think twice or opt to go solo, that way I can jam out to the tunes all by myself!


    1. I am so with you! When I go to the store with Allison I try to go in the door without the carts. Doesn't always work a Mom...I guess we have to do it sometimes!!

    2. LOL :)

    3. I can't go to Hanafords without my Kids asking to use these either. I am grossed out about the amount of germs in them and of course the kids always want the free cookie too! :P

    4. Oh, THIS cracked me right up. We stumble upon these monstrocities at Lowe's and Home Depot and I'm super-skeeved out by them, but usually still cave. Those things are very clunky to manuever, too!


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