Barefoot by the Sea: Christmas Card Photo, Take 326

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Card Photo, Take 326

Thanks to Good Gravy Designs, our Christmas cards are all set and we love them!  We decided on a more nontraditional photo this year since it was time for a change but, I figured I'd share a few outtakes from our 2011 photo shoot.  Any mother who has tried to capture that "picture perfect Christmas photo", I feel your pain!  

I like to call this one...."Cupie Doll" 
Bad lighting + rambunctious kiddo 
In the end, we went in a completely different direction but it was a nice experiment in modeling and testing my patience.  

Modeling 0
Patience 0

Better luck next year!  Happy Thursday!


  1. I always love the pictures that you guys get! And I totally understand the craziness of trying to get the "right" shot :-)

  2. I bet your Christmas cards were super cute! It is ALWAYS hard to get kids to take a nice picture together. Good thing you don't have five!! lol. That would be very hard (my mother-in-law always tries to get pictures of the five grandchildren together).

  3. Love these photos, such pretty little ladies! I gave up on a Christmas card all together, we're doing a Happy New Year one instead :)


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