Barefoot by the Sea: Vacationing

Monday, August 20, 2012


After a little break, I am back!  This week is all about soaking up the last of our Summer before school starts.  The Summer has definetely flown by and I'm happy to say that we've accomplished the majority of our Summer agenda! 

Here are a few pics from our trip away...
We visited the Woods Hole Science Aquarium and visited the seals...
We visited Chatham where the seals were enjoying their swim time (see those little black heads in the water, those are just one group of a bunch that we saw from the beach).  This meant we stayed out of the water but collected shells and played in the sand. 
Here the Harbor Patrol keeps an eye out for...marine life
We also visited the Green Briar Jam kitchen again
The ladies were busy making delictable jams and jellies this day...
They also had a super cool bee exhibit!
We didn't find the queen but it was still an amazing sight!
Overall, a relaxing, fun and wonderful time!  Plus, we walked a ton and got some much needed family time in before a new school year starts!


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