Barefoot by the Sea: Valentine's Day Wreath Tutorial

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valentine's Day Wreath Tutorial

I think I'm finally pulling myself out of the post Christmas doldrums.  I was happy to see sunshine and 60 degree temps last week and got the motivation to get outside and take down the last of the Christmas garland and wreath.  The door looked so bare, so I checked out some options on Etsy for a Spring wreath.  There are beautiful wreaths out there, the problem is, they aren't conducive to my 2013 budget.  So, I decided I'd try to make something simple myself.  I looked at a couple craft stores but realized the size florist ring or twig wreath I wanted cost about $10 not bad, but also not a "necessary purchase" according to my accountant (ie - my hubby).  So, I looked around the house and settled on some things we had right in our attic.  

First up, I bought a few extra swim noodles at the dollar store last Summer, a couple of which, we never I thought that would make an easy wreath form.  The cheaper noodles aren't super big but made a great medium size wreath...
I just shaped it into a circle and secured it with a piece of duct tape, which I wrapped twice for extra durability...
Next, I took fabric scraps and lazily covered the foam.  I used scraps of cotton and felt, which I have keep on hand for the girl's craft projects.  I simply hot glued them in a sloppy way, just so the electric blue didn't show through...
Then, I secured the end of a scan of yarn with hot glue and wrapped it.  This was yarn I purchased at Joann's with 50% off coupon at it was $1.49 total....I offered it to Riley for finger-knitting but it has excess loops which made it difficult so she passed.  I knew I'd find a project I could use it for, eventually!  
I just wrapped it until I filled the entire wreath and then spread it out in an effort to cover the spots that were more bare.  At the end I secured it with another dot of hot glue.  
This wreath cost a total of $4 including all materials (fabric, noodle, yarn, ribbon, hot glue).  It isn't as spectacular as the ones I found on etsy but definitely easier on the budget and gives the house a pop of Valentine's Day color! 

Linking up to The Shabby Cottage and the Domestic Superhero today!  Be sure to head over to check out all the crafty goodness! 


  1. The wreath is so pretty and you can't tell it's made from swim noodles. You're SO creative!!!

    1. Thanks Angelina! Such an inexpensive way to go! Thanks for visiting today, I hope you are having a great day!

  2. How cute! It's so crazy that you made it out of a noodle! Such a clever way to use what you have on hand to make a pretty wreath :) I bet your accountant was happy with a grand total of $4!

    1. It definitely helps that it wasn't costly and it feels great to be crafty!

  3. Love the idea using the yarn...especially the way the yarn is like.
    Your newest follower :)

  4. Swim noodle to a wreath...what a genius idea! Love the colors!


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