Barefoot by the Sea: Lemonade Cake Pops!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lemonade Cake Pops!

You know those recipes you drool over, made with only the very best ingredients?  All natural, made from scratch, etc!?  Well, I love those too and usually I am careful to serve up only the best, healthy options when it comes to treats for my children.  A cake from scratch is much better than a box.  However, in the effort of saving time as the end of the school year is fast approaching, this cake pop recipe is foolproof and yes, I cut some corners!  Specifically, Sydney wanted the Pink Lemonade Cake that she saw when we were cruising down the aisle of the grocery store.  I know, I inner voice told me not to but you only turn 5 once, right?  And, since we were celebrating at Preschool, I knew I would make enough for each child to get one cake pop. 
  • 1 Box of Lemonade Cake Mix or your own (I used King Arthur's Lemon Mix and added a little juice (about 2 tsp) from fresh strawberries but anything works!)
  • 1 cup of frosting 
  • Chocolate, which I purchased from the party store because it HAD TO BE PINK!
  • Sprinkles, we love Indian Tree!
  1. Start off with your very favorite cake or cake mix.  Prepare your cake as directed and let cool.
  2. In a bowl, break your cake up into crumbs. 
  3. From there, take 1 cup of your favorite frosting and add to the bowl of crumbs.  This will serve as the glue that will hold your cake pops in place. 
  4. Roll each cake pop into a ball of your choosing.  I usually use a tablespoon for quick measure
  5. Once you have your cake balls ready, set aside.
  6. Melt your chocolate and dip your stick in the chocolate in order to ensure the stick stays in the cake pop.
  7. Repeat until each cake pop has a stick inserted.
  8. Refridgerate or freeze for about 10 minutes - this will ensure it's easier to coat your cake pops with your chocolate coating
  9. Carefully coat each cake pop with melted chocolate and if desired, sprinkles.  This is the tricky part.  You have to work quickly.
  10. Insert cake pop sticks into a foam insert so that they can dry
Sydney was SO excited to see these when they were done and was even more thrilled to let me know her whole class loved them.  That made me happy - almost to the point that I didn't even have Mom guilt over using a box mix....almost.

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  1. They are soooo cute! And lemonade flavor sounds so delicious, especially this time of year! I really love cake pops but have never made them myself. My husband is a huge fan of them!

  2. These are adorable and pink lemonade sounds awesome!! You put me to shame with your homemade always inspire me to be better! I'm sure these pops were a hit - way to go, mama!!

  3. What a sweet little treat for preschoolers! The pink chocolate frosting is perfect for a little girl! We might have to try these out this summer!


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