Barefoot by the Sea: Craft Camp, Day Two

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Craft Camp, Day Two

Day Two of Craft Camp was met with dreary New England skies.  It was the perfect day to focuse on the "Sun and Moon" theme!  Today, the girls made Moon Glitter Magnets and worked on acrylic Sun Painting on canvas.  We also made Fruit Salad Salsa and Cinnamon Chips.  I did trial runs of both the snacks and they were perfect to brighten their day!  You can check out my Glitter Stones tutorial here if you want to make your own! 
First up: The Moon Glitter Magnets.  I've made glitter magnets before so I knew this would be a fun craft that the girls would love.  I think the key to some of our crafts were simply to ensure I had stations ready so that the girls could easily access their supplies and when we were done, set them aside and transition to our next activity. 
The way to a young girl's heart?  Glitter in various colors, apparentely!  Oh and sequins too!
Hard at work...
They really are pretty!
Next, we set our magnets aside to dry and the girls were ready for a snack!  I had all the components for fruit salad salsa cut and ready to go.  We went around the room and pulled questions to determine who would be responsible for mixing in each component.  For example:
"This is a monkey's favorite snack" - and someone would say, "Bananas!" and so on.  It was fun and the girls loved this part.  Each took a turn dumping their fruit in and giving it a stir and passing it along. 
Next up, Sun Painting!
Each girl used a 1/2 paper plate as their paint holder and we had plenty of sunny colors and hues available.  A lot of girls mixed the colors until they achieved their desired shade.  I saw these not too long ago and they really were the inspiration for this activity (thank you Lemon Tree Dwelling!)
Day Two was a great one.  The crafts were timed perfectly.  The girls were getting more comfortable and their finished products were quite impressive!  Each girl proudly took their loot home and had a sprinkling of glitter dust on their faces, hands or in some cases, feet!   

Stay tuned for Day Three! 


  1. i need to make that snack! you are a brave woman with all that glitter out in the open...i'm not sure i am ready for my kids to use anything but glitter glue :-)

  2. So much glitter! How could girls not have fun with that? :) It's so fun how you let each girl help with mixing up the fruit salsa and had those cute questions. Such a great idea!

  3. Day 2 looks like tons of fun! I love all the bright, happy colors...and those glitter stones would be a HUGE hit at my house! My girls would definitely find a special place for them :)


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