Barefoot by the Sea: Over It! Bring on the Bread....

Friday, January 10, 2014

Over It! Bring on the Bread....

Like so many of you, I'm already OVER this Winter.  I know, what a horrible thing to say, considering it's only January 10th! Living in the Northeast, we're used to colder weather, snow and ice.  Our family loves the seasons...playing in the snow and sledding!  But, I have to say that even this is strange weather for us.  I already feel like it's been the longest Winter ever with extreme amounts of snow, cold and then warmer temperatures followed again by crazy, frigid temps.

That being said, I am enjoying extra special days inside with my sweet girls.  The extra long Christmas vacation with two extra days tacked on the end was welcome and even this past Monday when the two hour delay felt like a gift.  These are the moments I will remember forever.  These are the times I will wish I could freeze! 

These days are also especially perfect to bake!  This is something we love to do together!  The perfect post shoveling or sledding snack!  This recipe is always a hit around here! Deliciously lemony, moist and yummy! 

Lemon Chia Bread
  1. Combine the chia seeds, lemon juice and milk. Let stand for 10 minutes.
  2. Cream together the margarine and sugar until smooth. Slowly add the chia seed mixture and blend well. Add the dry ingredients and blend until just combined. Scoop into a greased 8-inch loaf pan and bake at 350°F for 45-50 minutes. Slice and serve when cooled slightly. Makes 12 servings.
We love Chia Seeds around here!  Happy Day Friends!  Linking up over at The Chicken Chick and the Domestic Superhero today!


  1. I so agree with you on being over it! I do love hearing how you get to spend such quality time with your girls... priceless :) Your bread looks scrumptious!

  2. Now that sounds delicious! I love chia seeds as well and add them to just about everything! Winter time really is perfect for baking and staying in. But I am always ready for spring when it rolls around :)

  3. I enjoy the time inside definitely means more family time! This bread looks awesome - different than anything I've had and definitely one to try!! Thanks for another great, healthy recipe! :)


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