Barefoot by the Sea: Garden Center Tour!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Garden Center Tour!

Every February vacation we take an afternoon to escape to our local garden center to enjoy some milder weather, bask in a little more light, visit their birdies and see all the tropical foliage.  You can read about last year's trip here.  Our trip last week seemed especially sweet, since it's been so cold around here.  We lost track of time and when all was said and done, realized we had been wandering around for almost THREE hours!  On this trip, we looked at all the lovely tiny and not so tiny cacti, checked out the herbs and seed varieties (we are ALL eager for gardening!) and spent time just checking out the hidden fairies and center.  
For the record, we ALL agreed this bed was beautiful and would love to enjoy a slumber on something this special and beautiful!  The girls even found a fairy hidden among the foliage!  It was a great way to kick off our "stay-cation" in the warmest climate (besides the tub) we could find here in New England! 


  1. What a great escape from the brutal cold! I love that bed!!!! So gorgeous!

  2. I love the bed.That looks amazing. :-))
    A fun trip and I can easily see why you spent do much time exploring. I would have too.

  3. That was to much exploring. :-))

  4. That bed is amazing. I love garden centers. I'm not sure we have any here. Stay cations are lots of fun! We did that a year or so ago and I treasure the experiences we had!

  5. I'm not totally sure I would ready to sleep on that bed personally, but it does look beautiful! By the way I got my package from the giveaway today!!! It's the best thing I have ever won in my life. I know that sounds so dramatic, but seriously. It was an AMAZING package. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win it!

  6. What a fun Garden Center! Perfect way to escape and feel warm for a couple hours! I would probably end up spending more time than I realized also!


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