Barefoot by the Sea: Easter Weekend!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Weekend!

Easter weekend is upon us, it's earlier this year and I'm hoping that means better Spring weather is also on its way. We are looking forward to a quiet, uneventful holiday here at home. This past Christmas was much different for us so I'm ready for a simple, sweet time with the family.

One of the things we always look forward to is a delicious Easter meal. We done different things over the past few years but this year I decided instead of a big lunch or dinner, we would opt for a simple brunch. I want the menu to be simple and delicious, with plenty of Spring vegetables, salad, frittata and quiche. I think I have settled on this Lemon Tree Dwelling frittata and a simple vegan mushroom leak quiche from my friend for us non-meat/dairy eaters. What I love about this menu plan is that it's healthy, delicious and full of flavor.  Of course there will be a couple of treats as well, maybe angel food cake and a fruit salad. I know the Easter bunny will bring some goodies - jellybeans and chocolate bunnies obviously so I think they'll be plenty of sugar already. We usually all take a nice family walk after eating which is a nice way to get a feel for Spring in the air and keep our bodies moving. I have to say, we are all more than ready for spring, and warmer weather and sunshine! Vitamin D does a body good and it's been seriously lacking around our area!  Other weekend plans include coloring eggs and hopefully an egg hunt if the Easter bunny doesn't disappoint! Most importantly, we will all be together as a family and we are looking forward to spending a lovely holiday together!

Do you have any special Easter meal you're preparing? Have a wonderful weekend my friends!  Oh, and one more thought...


  1. That sounds lovely! I am hoping the weather will cooperates because my family has plans to have a catered meal at the park. The kids will play and we also love flying kites.

  2. That sounds delish! We're doing a simple breakfast with just the four of us and then dinner later at my MIL's but College Girl has to leave early so she won't be at that. I'm just happy she's been home for a few days and we're going to visit her next weekend too!

  3. And don't you ever are amazing!

  4. I'm glad that Easter met your expectations from what I can tell from the post after this one! We grilled rather than do the traditional ham. We served a tri tip and sliders with a ton of sides and it was delicious!


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