Just be

The fact that Riley didn't get out of school until the very end of June makes me feel a wee bit cheated out of Summer.  Regardless, one cannot dispute the fact that we've had a gorgeous Summer here in New England.  We've hit the beach a handful of times, gone on countless walks, eaten outside almost every night, enjoyed hours at our local farms and had lots of ice cream treats.  I love July.  July = Summer!

Now onto August.  It starts slowly...the letters from the school and her new teacher start rolling in.  I see the clearance merchandise full of tank tops and bathing suits, I start seeing the back to school ads. It's just a matter of time. 

This is the month when we enjoy our annual pilgrimage to Cape Cod, where we have no agenda other than being at the beach, playing in the sand and watching our girls.  I try not to think too much or plan anything specific. 
So, I'll turn down the radio, put the letters from the school to the side for a few more days and continue to take it all in.  These precious days are drifting by so quickly.  What better time to enjoy and "just be".


  1. Summer goes by way too fast:( That picture is beautiful:)

  2. Beautiful pic! It took me away for a moment. You enjoy. I work at a school and start back tomorrow. ARGH!

  3. Great reminder to slow down and enjoy life. Where on the Cape do you go?

  4. We usually go to Dennis, MA (which is mid Cape) but try to hit various beaches, last year we went to Truro but I think this year we might go shark watching in Chatham (won't go in the water though, no worries Holly!)


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