A case of the sillies...

I SO wish I had invented silly bands....I'm reminded of that almost daily as I see the various branding of the sillies everywhere.  Lately, I've seen silly band rings and now, the silly band necklace. 

Riley's friend Abby (her Mom runs the hilarious Into Ablivia) sent her this in an adorable get well package.  Of course she was thrilled and will wear it proudly, until one falls off and I accidently vacumm one up.  Not that I've ever done that...but it could happen!

Happy Monday.  The weekend flew again!


  1. I'll tell ya...the things that take off! Isn't it crazy how simple it is but how wildly successful?

  2. We use silly bands for everything in our house-- resealing unfinished bags of pantry items, hair ties (ouch getting them out), and most recently we've tied them from drawer knob to drawer knob in the kitchen so as to keep our 1-year-old cousin from opening up the drawers. The necklace would probably work better for this-- must get some! :)

  3. Our kids love those things!!

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