Creative Tots courtesy of Two Little Tots

The girls have been all about artwork these days!  Here's a recent shot of them from a couple of days ago.  They had been busy playing princesses and had to stop to draw their kingdoms.  Luckily we have these fabulous color pencil totes from one of our favorite shops, Two Little Tots.  With these, their artwork is portable and easy!
Last Easter, each of the girls received a dolly sleeping bag like this...
Two Little Tots offers crayon roll ups, accessories and items for mamas as well!  Melissa, the owner also runs an adorable blog here where she talks about her life and the inspiration for her shop, her adorable twins!


  1. I love Syd's crown...such a little princess!!

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  7. thanks for the sweet post about Two Little Tots and I am so happy they love their totes and sleeping bags!

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  9. Love two little tots and Melissa. She's a sweetie. I want to buy one of her crayon rolls for Noah! I don't know why i haven't yet..


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