Lil bruiser...

I'm actually surprised it's taken this long but Sydney got her first little black eye this past weekend.  She was running, full speed down our hallway and went smack-dab into the corner of her sister's bureau.....ouch!

This photo doesn't do the damage justice....I'm still working out using my new camera but someday my pictures will improve, I promise!

Happy Wednesday everybody, we're pretty much in snowed in mode here and that's fine with us!  There's something about a snowday that make us feel ten again!


  1. Poor thing! I have one at that stage, too. I feel like I am my 22 month old's personal safety device right now! I chase him around reminding him to walk carefully because going to the hospital for stitches in neither fun nor cheap. :)

  2. gosh, you guys do take good care yah!

  3. OUCH! Hope she is OK, kids are so resilient :)

    Have a lovely evening, T. :)

  4. Awww, poor thing! Thanks for following me...I'm following back. Can't wait to come back over & enter your giveaway. Hope you'll enter some of mine as well.

  5. Oh no! Mr.C sported his first black eye this summer. He also got a lovely scar to go along with it.


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