Ugh, Winter

A couple of weeks ago, I heard a lot of friends and family saying how it "just didn't feel like Winter".  Fast forward those couple of weeks and about ten (or fifteen) inches of snow certainly feels like Winter now!  I looked at the extended forcast this morning and saw lots of snowflakes on the ten day outlook, much to my dismay.  Although I sure am glad the girls can use this handy snowstick they recently crafted, I'm not looking forward to spending time with my foe, Mr Snowshovel for the 20th time!

Don't get me wrong, I am happy for those who love the outdoors and it certainly looks pretty but I still think that green grass, butterflies and flowers look prettier (I know, how cliche!)  Also, Sydney has been adamant lately that she "needs to go to the beach" and I couldn't agree more!

Have a great day!


  1. Mr. Snowshovel is my foe too >:-(

  2. I agree... I lived in Florida my whole life, and I always thought that I wanted seasons with snow... but I absolutely would give ANYTHING to be able to go bask in the sun on a beach right now!

  3. I am with Sydney! I cannot believe we have another storm on the way tomorrow night!! Ugg.

  4. id gladly take some of that snow off your hands. So wish we got it around these parts. although, i sure am ready for the warmth of summer and the pool and such!

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