The Posie Book Feature and Giveaway (Closed)

*Please note, I did receive a copy of The Posy Book in exchange for this post. All opinions, as always are my own*
The Posy Book: Garden-Inspired Bouquets That Tell a Story (Hardcover, signed)
With Mother's Day fast approaching, I was excited to be asked to review a copy of The Posy Book! Teresa Sabankaya started her flower business in the late 90's by cultivating her custom and unique bouquets in California. Her floral art has been displayed throughout museums and flower shows. The Posy is her favorite design in floral, a modern spin on a nosegay, these ‘little garden bouquets that tells a story’ have a permanent place in her heart. The Posy Book was inspired by Teresa’s desire to share such a beautiful and simple way to tell your story with flowers.
Teresa Sabankaya in her garden in Bonny Doon, California
This book is gorgeous! From front to back, it is full of glossy, beautiful shots of posies throughout. It includes the History of the language of flowers, posy recipes, detailed instructions to make beautiful posies and the new language of flowers dictionary. Such a wonderful resource for anyone who loves flowers or someone who is interested in what every type of flower and greenery means. Did you know if you gift a Bouquet of Basil it means you are offended? Who knew! A White Lily represents purity, an ivy leaf represents friendship and the lily of the valley represents sweetness. The list goes on and on! 
The Posy Book makes a lovely Mother's Day gift or for anytime. It's sure to please the flower lover in your life! How perfect to gift this book along with a posy of your making? 
Hello Sunshine!

On page 100 of The Posie Book, there is a posy specifically designed for Moms! There is an engagement posy, a welcome baby posy, a congratulations posy and more. Teresa uniquely communicates special messages to the gift recipient. 

Want to win a copy of your own? Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite flower is! I'll pick the winner on Mother's Day! In the meantime, head over here to learn more about Teresa Sabankaya's story or order your own copy to gift or for yourself!


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