Barefoot by the Sea: Retro Monday: Spam it up!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Retro Monday: Spam it up!

We've all heard of SPAM and people must be still consuming it because I occasionally see it in the grocery store.  I've never had the guts opportunity to try it (it's not local or organic anyway).  Apparently Spam SPREAD was also a versatile option back in the mid '60s.  

Here, they suggest spreading this ham like? consistency on white bread, crackers and hard boiled eggs.  Not sure how i'd feel about attending a party where platters of Spam spread was being served.  It's just
Then again, "they" claim it's devilish so who am I to argue?  Served with pipping mugs of Hot Dr Pepper and little Pink Popcorn boys all around?  Nothing says 'tis the season like that!  

Bakeaholic Mama....are you listening?  This could be your recipe "redo" next month ;)  She recently did a Hamburger Helper Makeover.  Of course, Hamburger Helper originated in 1971 so that would be the wrong decade but still retro so I figured worth a mention! 

(I love how it's garnished with a few radish slices and a sprig of parsley...too fancy!)  

Happy Retro Monday Friends! 


  1. My dad grew up on spam sandwiches and still eats them. I could never bring myself to try it though!

    1. I have never tried it but I imagine it tastes hamISH and I don't like ham so I just think some things are better left unknown ;)


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